Tips To Bring Natural Light Into The House

The interior of the house with sufficient lighting will certainly make the occupants comfortable. Conversely, if it is not enough, it will seem gloomy. However, instead of increasing the number of lights, just use natural lighting which has far more benefits. Besides being brighter, and free of charge, with natural lighting, your body will be healthier because of the increased serotonin hormone. However, not all houses have a building design that can absorb natural light into the room. There are many ways to make a house brighter. For example, by adding a glass mirror or material that can reflect light, opening gaps in the building with windows and ventilation, or painting the room with bright colors. The roof trim is usually left open or closed for guttering. This section can reflect natural light into your home. Painting it white can make every room in your home feel brighter because of the reflection of sunlight entering through the window.

The best wall colors for the interior are those that can reflect light throughout the room. The reflectance value for white has a value of 100%, while for black it is 0%. No wonder the white color is most often chosen to paint the walls of the room. But if you are bored with white, you can combine it with other bright colors. As for the ceiling, make sure to only choose white. Although other colors like purple or green look attractive, the efficiency of their light reflection is very small. The higher the gloss level on the paint surface, the higher the strength of the light reflection. By choosing a glossy finish instead of a matte finish, your room can look brighter. This is because of the mirror effect that the shiny surface causes. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use gloss paint for every room in the house. Just pick one gloss over the paint you are using now. If you like matte surfaces, then go for semi-glossy ones.

Glass-ceramics are one of the important elements when decorating a bathroom or kitchen wall. Its surface that can reflect light up to 100% can make your room appear wider and fresher. In addition to glass, you can also choose glazed ceramics with a wide selection of decorations.

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