This Is How To Choose A Male Beanie Based On Face Shape

Men love to wear baseball caps or trucker hats, but do you want to be different by wearing other types of hats? Beanie hat is an alternative! For those of you who want to look more casual and stylish, this type of men’s hat can be an option. Along with the development of fashion, now the models and color choices are mostly casual. Of course, this knit hat will match perfectly with your daily outfit. Meanwhile, if you want to design your own beanie, you can try to order some custom beanies no minimum.

Then how do you choose a male beanie hat based on face shape?

Round face shape

Men with rounded facial lines are very suitable to wear a beanie hat accented with pompoms. This knit hat with pompoms will make the impression of the face longer, due to the taller design and it extends vertically. If you don’t like this pompom accent, you can outsmart it by wearing a loose beanie. Then the skullcaps will look taller than when they are used completely.

Oval face shape

Furthermore, men with an oval face are advised to wear a watch cap type beanie hat. Wear it parallel to your headline. The folding design at the bottom of the beanie will give the impression that the length of the face looks more balanced.

Square face shape

For those of you who have a square face, a volume knit hat with a brim (hat tongue) will suit you perfectly. This hat design provides a balanced facial outline without accentuating the square corners of your face. Also, choose a knit hat with thick material and a simple design so that your face doesn’t look wide.

Triangular face shape

Finally, for those of you who have a face shape with a pointy chin, it is advisable to wear beanie type beanie. Choose a beanie type that fits snugly on your head so that when you put it on with the ends straightened, your face and hat look balanced. With the folding design at the bottom, it can also emphasize your cheekbones.

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