Avoid Tiles From Getting Dull

In general, many people use tiles as material on the floor of their house. This tile material is not only used for floors but also for coating walls. For this reason, you need to keep the floor of your house clean so that it is not dull. Dullness comes from dirt and stains that could be cleaned easily by the home page service. Here are some ways to keep the floor from getting dull quickly. One of them is by sweeping or mopping your floor regularly so that it doesn’t dull quickly.

On floors that are resistant to dirt, but sand and dust will make your floor look far from shiny. You can clean the floor with detergent and clean water, then use a cloth which is a special cloth. Do not use a sponged rag, as this will push dirty water over the edges of the tile and it is very difficult to clean. Change the water frequently while mopping. Because dirty water can make the floor cloudy. If the floor of your house appears blurry, it may be due to soap residue. To get rid of it, you can use a cleaner that has non-abrasive ingredients. You can also use liquids with mild acids, such as fresh lemon on the floor tiles of your house. Then rinse with clean water, then dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

So that the floor of your house remains clean and far from dull, of course, there are secrets in it. To get rid of it, you can use baking soda that has been mixed with water. Then rub the mixture on the stain. Leave it for a moment, then scrub the stain in the morning using a stiff nylon brush. Do not use a metal brush, as this will damage the pulp layer. Repeat continuously by applying a silicone sealer to the pulp to remove future stains. You can also use flour mixed with oil. You do this by sprinkling flour powder on the surface which is known for the oily solution. Then let stand a few moments so the flour seems to absorb the oil.
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