3 Things You Should Avoid While Pregnant

Many things need to be avoided while pregnant to prevent complications or miscarriage. You need to be careful and not careless and know the risks of all the activities you are doing, one of which is doing household chores. You don’t forget to always have your pregnancy checked or you also consult about your obgyn centre of excellence , Mr. If you are a housewife, and you don’t have a household assistant, sometimes all the housework has to be done yourself. However, during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to share your duties with your husband to do some things, especially the following 3 things that you should avoid while pregnant.

First, avoiding lifting or moving heavy objects because this can lead to preeclampsia, aggravate back and waist disease, so that it can cause miscarriage. Jobs such as lifting gallons of water, lifting buckets full of water, or garbage, and so on, you should avoid while pregnant. Secondly, you must avoid activities that require you to crouch or crouch down. Activities such as wringing a mop, or washing clothes without a washing machine are things that require you to do squatting and standing activities several times, and also you should avoid bending down during pregnancy. This activity can certainly be annoying, especially if your stomach has started to grow. So, don’t you do it.

The third is activities that make you stand too long. Jobs such as scrubbing clothes while standing or other activities that require you to stand too long are also avoided if possible. Standing too long can cause your feet to swell, as well as back pain. If you have to do these activities, make sure you rest your feet by sitting for a while, and then resume the activity again. So you don’t stand for long. Whatever type of work is done, the most important thing is that you don’t get too tired while doing it.