Effective Tips To Create A House Free From Pest Attack

Anyone would want a comfortable residence that is free from pests, especially termites. The existence of pests can be said to be a nightmare for every owner of a residential property. How not, in some cases, the resulting losses can reach hundreds of dollars or even more. Try pest control near me to help you eradicate pests, especially termites best flea control.

Do you know how to detect their presence? If you’ve already experienced it, there’s no need to worry! Here are 7 powerful ways you can do to make your beloved home free from pests.

1. Spray the following potent liquid for the wooden roof in your house.
Termites, pests belonging to the most stubborn and dangerous category, like to live and colonize the wooden roof of your house. Tips that you can do is apply thinner to the wooden roof. Its strong aroma is ideally able to discourage termites from coming.

2. Have plants that have a strong smell or fragrance.
Some types of pests, for example, cockroaches or mosquitoes, really dislike strong scents or fragrances, especially those that come from plants or flowers. Therefore, plants such as Lavender, Basil, Geranium, Basil, Citronella, or Serai Wangi are considered effective in making your home avoid the arrival of cockroaches or mosquitoes.

3. Install fly traps near fruit or fresh food in the house.
Make a simple trap by dropping just enough vinegar into a jar, which you cover with plastic wrap over it. Make a hole about the diameter of a pencil tip, then let it sit and let the simple trap do its job.

4. Keep the house clean, especially the floors and corners of the house which are prone to mess.
Dirty corners or areas are a favorite of pests like rats or cockroaches. Always ensure the cleanliness of the house, especially the floors and corners that are prone to mess, to prevent them from coming. One more cause that we often ignore is food crumbs. It is not difficult for rats, cockroaches, or ants to detect them and be lured to come to the house.

5. Ensure that the water lines in the house are clean and functioning properly.
A common cause, in this case, is the leaking of the plumbing in the house. The resulting puddle can make the room or corner of the house humid, the most pleasant playing area for pests, especially rats and cockroaches.