Urgent! This is the Role of Lawyers in Assisting the Police

The role of criminal solicitor sydney , we often hear as lawyers in terms of legal assistance in the police, is very important and useful. Think about the injustice that shackles when you are faced with the realm of law, this is the duty of lawyers how they can balance you in every legal condition that involves you or your company so that their presence is the answer to all solutions to your legal problems. Why is the role of a lawyer in assistance the police important? The aim is apart from providing legal knowledge to someone who is caught in a legal problem because he does not understand or even for the first time dealing with the law, another thing is to exercise and fight for the rights of the person he defends whether he is a suspect, a reporter, or The reported party as well as a witness following the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

The rights guaranteed by law as described above are, for example, legal or not a summons by the police, legal or not an arrest, detention, termination of investigation or termination of prosecution, and determination of a suspect, as well as requests to hold a suspension of detention. , even to an examination conducted by the police. Where when someone provides information (in this case the suspect and witness) to the investigator it is given without pressure from anyone and in any form. Lawyers are not active when they become legal assistants when facing the police, but this position is considered risky to help you carry out legal consultations during the case. The job of a lawyer is not as easy as it seems because they have the responsibility to take you out of the case that has you against and bet before the law, a further explanation that the presence of a lawyer is very supportive of your psychological condition during the trial. The attorney will strengthen you in every ongoing lawsuit so that both you and the reporter will need their services to help you get out of the ensnaring case.

In selecting and using Advocates’ services, it is better if the public or corporations use the principle of prudence, must be observant and thorough, especially in determining the election to whom a special power will be given to handling the settlement of cases, for this the Advocate must have the legal knowledge, quality and can be trusted (has a good name).