The Most Feared Tribe in the World Because of Their Witchcraft!

Magic is always an exciting debate. Many people believe in a power beyond reason, some don’t believe it because it can’t be proven, and some just believe it. Regardless of the debate itself, black magic feels very close to the tribes of the world who still live naturally. They can compile their calendar system, and have a neat urban planning and development technology. Besides that, the Maya are also famous for their magical abilities. Reportedly they can call the rain down and sunny weather with a ceremony. The ceremony was carried out by Toltec, the elder, by offering the human heart to the god. The Maasai are a nomadic tribe who live between Kenya and Tanzania. This tribe still adheres to their customs. The culture is unique, the Maasai tribe has a god named Enkai. By reading mantras in the form of prayers to Enkai, this tribe is believed to have the strength to run fast, jump high, be immune, and be good at fighting.

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The Indian tribe is the native of the American continent. The Indians themselves are divided into various tribes that have different cultures. But among these tribes, there is a magic called Na Munda, curse magic like witchcraft. The person who was hit by Na Munda’s magic immediately disappeared without a trace. The terrible magic possessed by the Gypsy tribe named Lamia. With this magic, the spellcaster could send out unbearable pain until his vital organs were damaged. A medium is an object belonging to the target. The Kikuyu tribe is a fraction of another larger tribe on the African continent. This tribe is also famous for its beautiful and mystical dances. It is said that from their dance, Kikuyu can invite disease, rain, and send eggs.

Vodouist is a term given to voodoo magic activists. Most of them are residents of Haiti and West Africa. These people worship their God named Bondye or often called Law. Vodouist magic in the form of voodoo magic is performed by torturing a doll that is imagined as the victim’s body. The doll is pricked with needles and the victim will feel the same.